Multicolor Maasai Beaded Earrings


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These African beaded dangle and drop earrings are handmade by Maasai women in Kenya from Wire and Maasai Beads. Many women in Africa support their families from the sale of these items. Every purchase supports these Kenyan artisan women that handmake these beautiful earrings.

These well priced African dangle earrings are handmade from quality natural beads in Kenya. They are beautifully colorful with multi-colored beads in a unique and specific pattern featuring a cowrie shell at the centre. They are ideal for the creative lady who wants to stand out.


Materials Used: Wire, Maasai Beads

Diameter: Approx. 2 inches

Length from the hoop: Approx. 2.9 inches


Each earring is unique and handmade thus there are some subtle and slight variations in size, pattern, and color.

We can totally customize your earring with your preferred colors & measurements

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