Ghana Basket


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This beautiful Ghana Basket is made from veta vera grass and leather. It is has two leather straps included and fully lined with Ankara (Kitenge) to make a drawstring for extra security. In case it gets wet, you can simply leave it to dry naturally and re-shape. When not in use we recommend storing it somewhere completely dry and damp proof.


Materials Used: Sisal Fiber, Wool, Zipper, Buckle Straps, Lining

Measurement (Wide Top): Approx. 15 inches

Height: Approx. 11 inches

Handle Drop: Approx. 14 inches


All our sisal bags come with a with a zipper to close them.

Each bag is unique and handmade thus there are some subtle and slight variations in size, pattern, and color.

We can totally customize your bag with your preferred colors & measurements

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